713 W Ashland

713 W Ashland

713 W Ashland

713 W Ashland Ave Muncie, IN 47303


$425 Per Room

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2666 Sq Ft


Available Rates:

5 tenants: $425/tenant

6 tenants: $365/tenant

Welcome to this spacious 6-bedroom, 2-bathroom house located in a peaceful area of Ashland Ave, but only a short walk from Frat Row. As you approach the house, you’ll appreciate the large front yard, providing a pleasant outdoor space for relaxation or activities. Inside the house, you’ll find a dedicated laundry room conveniently located off the kitchen. The house is designed with a balanced layout, featuring 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on each floor. This setup provides a comfortable and organized living arrangement, allowing for privacy and space for each occupant.

With its spacious bedrooms, this house offers plenty of room for individualization and personalization. You can easily fit a bed, desk, and other essential furniture in each bedroom, providing a comfortable and functional living space for each occupant. In addition, the property provides plenty of off-street parking, ensuring that you and your roommates have convenient parking spaces available without the hassle of searching for street parking.

This 6-bedroom, 2-bathroom house is an excellent option for those seeking a spacious and affordable home. With its dedicated laundry room, balanced layout, and ample off-street parking, it provides a comfortable and convenient living space. Take advantage of the quiet location and the opportunity to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in this spacious home. Enjoy the benefits of the large front yard and the convenience of dedicated laundry facilities.


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