Move in FAQ:

  • Can we move in early? Unfortunately, your move in date cannot be adjusted. Maintenance, cleaning, and painting are scheduled on the days preceding move in. These items are necessary to ensure your property is ready. 
  • How do I get a street parking pass? Take a copy of your lease and your ID to Muncie City Hall to request your street permit at no charge (limit 1 per property). Please note parking passes are not available at all properties. Contact your property manager for more details. 
  • When do utilities need to be put in our name? Contact each utility provider to schedule services to be transferred into your name as of your move in date. Review your lease prior to move in to determine which utilities you are responsible for.
  • Is rent prorated if my lease is less than a full 12 months? A majority of our leases are 10-14 days less than 12 months. These days are used to schedule maintenance and cleaning between move in and move out. Rent is not prorated during this time. 
  • Is guest parking available? Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee guest parking. A majority of our properties only have adequate parking for each tenant. 
  • If I have a question regarding move in, who should I contact? Each property has an assigned Property Manager. Your Property Manager will be your primary point of contact prior to move in and during your tenancy. Your property manager will make contact with you prior to move in.
  • What do I do on the day I move in? If your property has a keyless entry, we will text you an entry code the day of move in. If your property has a keyed entry lock, your property manager can leave the key on the kitchen counter the morning of move in, or you can pick it up at the office. Your property manager will reach out to you prior to move in to discuss. 
  • How are weekend move ins handled? Our office is closed on the weekend; however, your property manager will reach out to make arrangements to ensure you can move in as scheduled. 
  • What do I need to pay prior to move in? First month’s rents and your security deposit must be paid prior to move in. In most cases half of the security deposit is paid when the lease is signed. The other half of the deposit and first month’s rent typically represents the remaining balance due prior to move in. See your online account for full details.

During the lease FAQ:

  • I just turned my heat on and my house smells. What should I do? It is normal for your home to have a smell the first time you turn the heat on. If for any reason you suspect there may be a fire, please call 911.
  • Someone stole one of my belongings. What should I do? Please call the police and file a police report. Please call the police first and then notify us after. 
  • Can I break my lease? No, a lease is a legally binding contract, but you can find a subleaser. Please contact us prior to begin the subleasing process. All subleases must be approved by Campus Rentals.
  • How do I find a subleaser? You need to post on social media or ask around to find one. When you find one, they have to be approved by all of the other roommates and you have to pay a $350 lease adjustment fee. 
  • Can I turn the utilities off when I leave for Christmas? No! Please leave thermostats at a 60-degree minimum.
  • It’s super cold outside. What should I do? When the weather is extremely cold, let your faucets drip to prevent pipes freezing and leave your cupboard doors open to help keep pipes warm. 

Move out FAQ:

  • Can I move out early? Please feel free to go back home early, but also understand that you are responsible to pay until the lease ends. If you do choose to go home early, please let your property manager know. 
  • When I move out early, can I shut off the utilities? No, you must leave all utilities on for the duration of your lease. 
  • When I move out, how do I get utilities out of my name? Contact the respective utility company and request service to be taken out of your name at the END of your lease NOT when you move out.
  • What do we do with our bedroom keys? Please leave them in your doorknob. Bedroom keys should not be returned to our office.
  • What do I do with our entry key? One entry key needs to be dropped off at the office in the drop box. Any additional keys need to be left on the kitchen counter (extra front door keys, mailbox keys, storage keys, etc). If you are dropping a key off, place it in an envelope with the address on it. If there is no address, you will be charged for a missing key. 
  • When can I expect to receive my security deposit refund? You will receive a security deposit statement within 45 days from your lease expiration. Please identify one tenant who you would like to receive the refund check. Please provide their corresponding mailing address to your property manager prior to move out.

Leasing FAQ:

  • How much notice is given prior to showings? We guarantee a minimum of 4-hour notice prior to conducting showings. Additional notice is given when possible.
  • My property is pet friendly; can I have multiple pets? Our pet friendly properties are limited to a maximum of one pet per property.
  • Can I share my bedroom with another person? Yes, you can, but there is a $150 monthly fee for being over occupancy. Maximum occupancy is 1 person per bedroom. 
  • Do you mow for us? Yes, mowing is included.
  • Is there a sample lease? Yes, it is here.
  • Do I need a cosigner? If you have no rental history, yes you will need a cosigner and they will need to apply and sign the lease along with you. 
  • How much is the security deposit? The security deposit is 1 month’s rent. 50% is due at signing and the rest is due before moving in.
  • Is the security deposit refundable? Upon move out you will receive a security deposit statement that will detail any charges withheld from your deposit. The cost of cleaning/sanitization will be applied to your deposit in addition to the cost of any tenant caused repairs. The remaining balance will be refunded to you. 
  • Do I have to pay a fee when I apply or sign a lease? We do not charge a fee when you submit an application. A fee is only charged if you decide to proceed with the lease. At the time of the lease signing, a fee of $45 per tenant charge is due.
  • Are there any additional monthly fees? Each account is subject to one monthly admin fee of $4. This fee is per account, not per person on the lease.
  • What payment methods do you accept? We accept Credit/Debit, E-check, & Money Order. We do not accept Cash. 
  • What pets are allowed in pet friendly properties? See a list of restricted breeds here: Pet Addendum

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