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BSU Campus Rentals

Ball State students have always had a strong desire to congregate with each other during the greatest time of their life with other college students sharing similar interest. There is absolutely no better way to do this than a home surrounding Ball State.

We are Mark Price and Chris Wilkinson, owners of Cardinal Cribs, LLC and C & M Property Management, LLC. Not too long ago we were college students ourselves and we remember the challenge of finding a nice residence to have a good time and relax with friends. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality home that you can feel proud of and want to show off to your friends. We have always felt as a group that if we wouldn’t live in the house, then why should anyone else.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our rentals. We sincerely appreciate it. Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime with questions relating to the homes or maintenance related questions.

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